#45 Day 20: Gorak Shep – Dingboche, Nepal

Saturday 15 Apil 2017 We woke up to a white world; it had continued to snow overnight and there was a couple of inches on the ground. The walk was supposed to take around 6hrs but progress was slow as this part of the trail is mainly boulders and uneven ground and with all theContinue reading “#45 Day 20: Gorak Shep – Dingboche, Nepal”

#44 Day 19: Everest Base Camp!

Friday 14 April 2017 I started writing this post sitting on a beach in Nicaragua in 30 degree heat and high humidity. The environment here is completely the opposite to that halfway up a mountain in Nepal, but the weather was not too dissimilar to what we experienced on Base Camp day (minus the humidity).Continue reading “#44 Day 19: Everest Base Camp!”

#43 Day 18: Lobuche – Gorak Shep, Nepal

Thursday 13 April 2017 Lack of sleep is par for the course at this altitude however the situation was compounded by a group of Australians noisily getting up at 5am and waking up what felt like the whole town! They had also stayed up chatting and laughing the previous evening. It had crossed my mindContinue reading “#43 Day 18: Lobuche – Gorak Shep, Nepal”

#42 Day 17: Pheriche – Lobuche, Nepal

Wednesday 12 April 2017 This morning we all gathered outside and had a group photo, as Walker and now Tim (another of the Americans) were leaving us. In total there are around 45 in our group, not including the Sherpas and Porters – or the yaks! Quite a crowd, but it’s nice, it feels likeContinue reading “#42 Day 17: Pheriche – Lobuche, Nepal”

#39 Day 14: Deboche – Pheriche, Nepal

Sunday 9 April 2017 It was another fine day and we enjoyed more stunning views of Everest. Today I’m finding the walking a bit more tiring, probably because of my cold and the fact that my nose is constantly running. In the end it got too annoying to keep wiping it so my buff isContinue reading “#39 Day 14: Deboche – Pheriche, Nepal”