#3 The Italian Riviera prompts an idea

After starting my course with enthusiasm and passing the face to face module, progress on the 100 hour online module all but stopped for a few months as I had a busy time at work putting together a one-day conference. The conference day (in May 2016) coincided with a trip to Italy that had beenContinue reading “#3 The Italian Riviera prompts an idea”

#1 Inspiration: a date with Levison Wood …

I’m snuggled up with a book late one January night in 2016, plumped pillows at my back, hot water bottle at my feet, hearing the wind whistling through the tiles on my roof and the rain lashing the bedroom window. In body I’m at home in the middle of a winter’s storm in England, butContinue reading “#1 Inspiration: a date with Levison Wood …”