Fancy exploring the world?

I am an ordinary person who from time to time seeks adventure and extraordinary experiences. I have done some pretty cool, challenging and amazing things, and in the process learned a lot about myself and the world around me.

To have an adventure you don’t need lots of cash, or be super fit. Anyone can do it, you just need a little imagination – and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone occasionally!

Come explore with me!

My travel quests so far have seen me trekking up mountains in Peru and Nepal, cattle ranching in Uruguay, cooking in Vietnam, teaching music in the Galapagos, learning the art of mediation at a Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan, visiting the hottest place on earth and lots more.


I’ve been fund-raising for many years for Cancer Research UK and, in 2017, for a charity called Xtreme Everest. They were examining the effects of hypoxia on the body at altitude (on Mt. Everest, Nepal), and their medical research aims to improve outcomes for people who become critically ill.

Dementia has sadly touched a number of people in my immediate and extended family with devastating effects. I’m passionate about finding a cure for this brutal disease and on 9th July 2021 I trekked up Ben Nevis, and then toured the Scottish Highlands for a couple of weeks. In total I raised £6,760 for Alzheimer’s Society!

Hear my stories come to life by booking me for a talk!

In my spare time I give talks about my travels (in person or online) to clubs, societies and schools within Kent and London.

Visit my Talks page to find out what’s available or get in touch.

“Have flute, will travel”

I’m available for weddings and other events, and am currently looking for new flute or piano (beginners) pupils. Visit my Music pages to find out more, or get in touch.

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