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  • 23 January 2019, 6pm: UCL Chamber Music Club, London
  • 23 December 2018, 7.30pm: Walderslade Sings!, Carol service at St Philip and St James’ Church, Walderslade, Kent
  • 15 December 2018, 12pm & 2pm: Walderslade Sings!, Pentagon Centre, Chatham, Kent
  • 11 December 2018, 6pm: UCL Chamber Music Club, London
  • 8 December 2018, 7.30pm: Old Barn Orchestral Society, Rainham School for Girls, Gillingham, Kent
  • 1 December 2018, 11am & 2.30pm: Walderslade Sings! on Rochester High Street, Kent (part of the Dickens Festival)
  • 15 July 2018, 8pm: friends & family concert with Walderslade Sings! at St Philip and St James Church, Chatham, Kent 
  • 7 July 2018, 12noon & 1.30pm: local performance (singing) with Walderslade Sings! at the Pentagon Centre, Chatham, Kent
  • 16 June 2018, 7.30pm: performing (piccolo) in the Old Barn Orchestral Society’s summer concert, Rainham School for Girls, Gillingham, Kent
  • 28 April 2018: featured in the Kent Woman’s Institute Centenary Show, performing Ian Clarke’s ‘TRKs’ for flute (live flute with CD backing), at Rose Bruford College, Sidcup
  • 22 April 2018: performed (flute) in the orchestra for a charity concert to raise money for the Heart of Kent Hospice, at Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone, Kent
  • 25 March 2018: sang in the choir (plus a flute solo) with Walderslade Sings!
  • 19 February 2018: performed Debussy’s ‘Syrinx’ in a UCL Chamber Music Club concert, London
  • 9 February 2018: performed (flute in) Holst’s ‘Fugal Concerto for Flute and Oboe with String Orchestra’ in an Old Barn Orchestral Society concert, St Martin’s Church, Maidstone, Kent
  • 10 December, 16 & 17 December 2017: part of the Walderslade Sings! performing Christmas-themed pieces in the choir, and on the piccolo
  • 7 December 2017, 6pm: the UCL Chamber Music Club Christmas concert, performing (on flute) the ‘Telemann Concerto in E minor for flute, recorder and strings’ and singing in the choir, London
  • 28 October 2017, 7.30pm: a semi-staged performance of The Mikado, flute with the Hospice Festival Choir & Orchestra, Moat Hall, Maidstone, Kent
  • 16 October 2017, 7pm: UCL Chamber Music Club
  • 15 July 2017, 7.30pm: Old Barn Orchestral Society
  • 10 February 2017, 1.10pm: UCL Chamber Music Club
  • 3 December 2016, 7.30pm: Old Barn Orchestral Society
  • 17 October 2016, 5.30pm: UCL Chamber Music Club
  • 2 July 2016, 7.30pm: Old Barn Orchestral Society
  • 2 June 2016, 5.30pm: UCL Chamber Music Club
  • 20 May 2016, 1.10pm-1.55pm: UCL Chamber Music Club, CMC featured webpage
  • 26 April 2016, 5.30pm-6.30pm: UCL Chamber Music Club
  • 16 April 2016, 7.30pm: Old Barn Orchestral Society
  • 25 February 2016, 1.10pm: ‘Ca ira!’ Music from the French Revolution (flute, piccolo), UCL Chamber Music Club in collaboration with the UCL Art Museum, London
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“Thank you so, so much for playing yesterday, and for doing so with such calm competence and musicality as always. I’m really very grateful to you and Roger for stepping in at such short notice when the student group pulled out … the arrangements fitted the programme perfectly.”

Ucl chamber music club concert organiser