Over the years I have met fascinating people and seen amazing sights across the world, however most of these trips were fitted in around work and annual leave. I decided I wanted to take a more substantial break and from March 27 to July 1 2017 I went on an exciting 3 month trip of a lifetime.

At some point I would like to document all of my travels however the posts below are just about this trip. #1-#24 are about how I planned my break and why I chose the activities and countries I visited, and #25 onwards is an actual record of the trip in the form of a journal (as opposed to a ‘proper’ blog). I’ve written this mainly for family and friends who know me and who are interested in my adventure – but of course anyone is welcome to read!

From start to finish the trip lasted 97 days, see my Grand Adventure Map (pdf).  I met up with friends and family on the way and took in the sights of the Himalayas on a trek with Xtreme Everest, see my Base Camp Map (pdf), enjoyed home-cooked meals at my cousin’s in Singapore, rode the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) and attempted to learn the art of meditation at a Japanese zen monastery in Japan. I explored active volcanoes and went on a 2.5km zip-lining experience in Nicaragua, visited the equator in Ecuador and volunteered with kids in the Galapagos teaching music and English. My final destination was South America where I had fun working on a farm in Uruguay cattle ranching, was awed by the great Iguassu Falls in Argentina, relaxed on beautiful beaches in Brazil and finally made it to Rio to see Christ the Redeemer at sunset on my very last day.

The Everest Base Camp trek was with a medical research team, Xtreme Everest, whose research work aims to improve outcomes for people who become critically ill. I am raising money for them as they are are a charity and rely on donations for their research. If you would like to donate please go to my JustGiving page. Many thanks – and thank you to all of you who have already donated! xx

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

2017: A Grand Adventure

Click on each of the links to read my blog posts. If you would like to absorb the full picture, please start from #1 and read in sequence.

Actual trip: posts #25 onwards

#55 Day 33: Tokyo-Kyoto, Japan
#54 Day 32: Tokyo, Japan
#53 Day 31: Narita – Tokyo, Japan
#52 Day 30: Singapore
#51 Days 27-29: Nepal – Singapore
#50 Day 26: Kathmandu, Nepal
#49 Day 25: Kathmandu, Nepal
#48 Day 24: Lukla – Kathmandu, Nepal
#47 Day 23: Namche – Lukla, Nepal
#46 Days 21-22: Dingboche – Tengboche – Namche, Nepal
#45 Day 20: Gorak Shep – Dingboche, Nepal
#44 Day 19: Everest Base Camp!
#43 Day 18: Lobuche – Gorak Shep, Nepal
#42 Day 17: Pheriche – Lobuche, Nepal
#41 Day 16: Pheriche, Nepal
#40 Day 15: Pheriche, Nepal
#39 Day 14: Deboche – Pheriche, Nepal
#38 Day 13: Namche – Deboche, Nepal
#37 Day 12: Namche, Nepal
#36 Day 11: Namche, Nepal
#35 Day 10: Namche, Nepal
#34 Day 9: Monjo – Namche, Nepal
#33 Day 8: Kathmandu – Lukla – Monjo, Nepal
#32 **Stop Press!**
#31 Day 7: Kathmandu, Nepal
#30 Day 6: Kathmandu, Nepal
#29 Day 5: Kathmandu, Nepal
#28 Day 4: Kathmandu, Nepal
#27 Day 3 (pm): Kathmandu, Nepal
#26 Day 3 (am): Kathmandu, Nepal
#25 Days 1-2: Kathmandu, Nepal

Pre-trip: posts #1-#24

#24 Exciting Everest News!
#23 The final countdown
#22 The road ahead
#21 The Singapore connection
#20 Ouch!
#19 Completing the jigsaw
#18 Sheffield or bust
#17 Looking forward to Nicaragua
#16 Barcelona, Bruges and B…?

#15 Tea and cake
#14 Bits and bobs
#13 The Big Hill
#12 An unexpected flurry of snow
#11 Training
#10 Rubicon
#9 Time to get organised
#8 Relaxation needed!
#7 Reunions
#6 Where to next? (part 2)
#5 Where to next? (part 1)
#4 The first decision
#3 The Italian Riviera prompts an idea
#2 Advice from a friend
#1 Inspiration: a date with Levison Wood …


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