“Thank you so, so much for playing yesterday, and for doing so with such calm competence and musicality as always. I’m really very grateful to you and Roger for stepping in at such short notice when the student group pulled out … the arrangements fitted the programme perfectly.”
CMC Concert organiser, June 2016

“Liz played at our wedding whilst we were signing the register. She helped create a lovely atmosphere and all our guests enjoyed the music. Liz worked closely with us prior to the day to help us decide on the right piece of music. It suited the moment perfectly. We would highly recommend Liz for anyone’s special day.”
Lee & Mandy

“We were very happy to have Liz playing at our wedding while the guests arrived. Liz was instrumental in creating the perfect ambiance for our big day. We were impressed with Liz’s choice of music as it fitted the occasion perfectly and we would recommend Liz for any special celebration.”
Sarah & Trevor

“… she charmed the audience with Sonatas by Bach and Poulenc, lulling the gathered guests one moment into a sense of serene tranquility, only to rouse them with the power and majesty coaxed forth from within the humble metal frame.”
The Lawrentian

“… I feel sure that all of us have been particularly moved by the performances of Elizabeth Mooney this year. Her love of music shines through at all times, and I feel sure that she has been an inspiration to many other instrumentalists within the College.”
The Lawrentian

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