My article “Coming to Ethiopia!” is about why I decided to visit Ethiopia.  I’d  previously volunteered with an organisation called Projects Abroad during my round-the-world trip in 2017 (teaching music in the Galapagos).

Looking on their website for something to do for my next trip I found a placement as an intern journalist for a respected English-language newspaper called The Reporter in Ethiopia and thought it looked interesting!

Staying with a host family in the city, with the help of the Projects Abroad staff (who were amazing) I explored the sights and sounds of Addis Ababa looking for interesting subjects to write about.

Along the way I:

  • visited the main sights, including churches, museums and a quick look around the National Theatre;
  • sampled the local food (including the Italian restaurants, which I later wrote about in my article “Eating out in Addis: Italian style”);
  • rode the crowded shared taxis to and from the office in Bole;
  • spent one lunch break perusing the shopping malls in the vicinity;
  • visited Africa’s biggest open-air market (which was the subject of my article “Mercato through the eyes of a ferengi);
  • climbed to the top of Entoto Hill just outside the city, altitude 3,200m;
  • played pool (something I try and do in every country I visit!);
  • enjoyed a bottle or two of the local beer;
  • had a stolen afternoon at the Sheraton with the other Projects Abroad volunteer (we could afford one cocktail each and shared a brownie);
  •  and went to a cultural evening and enjoyed seeing traditional dancing and music.

Over time I will write individual diary posts about each experience, in the meantime I hope the images below give a flavour of the city.