#19 Completing the jigsaw

It’s been a successful week with two great weekends either side. I still haven’t written my ‘to do’ list but I’m doing bits and bobs when I think of them. Travel insurance is sorted and I’ve ordered the main clothing items that I still needed (thermal tights, waterproof trousers and a ‘buff’, which is basicallyContinue reading “#19 Completing the jigsaw”

#17 Looking forward to Nicaragua

Oh wow. I have just finished watching the Walking the Americas episode where Lev and Alberto walk through Nicaragua and I’m so glad that I have managed to fit it in. It reminded me of how on my day trip I was taken with the beautiful landscapes, the friendly atmosphere, the quaintness of the architectureContinue reading “#17 Looking forward to Nicaragua”

#16 Barcelona, Bruges and B…?

After getting home from my not-quite-4hr-walk, I got ready and made my way over to Sarah’s as she had organised a little reunion of the ‘Gang’ – a group of us, mostly from cadets, who have stayed in touch. Over the years there had been parties and get-togethers, and the boys had done various hikingContinue reading “#16 Barcelona, Bruges and B…?”