#41 Day 16: Pheriche, Nepal

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Today was another DND (do nothing day), it was our last in Pheriche before starting walking again – after today its two more days until Base Camp day!

I felt better so went off to do my testing at 7am – last time I had to do the step test (yay) and then after breakfast I went over to the lab for my blood test and echocardiogram for the Nebraskans. It’s quite cold now, and walking anywhere takes energy, conscious of still needing to rest I didn’t go for an acclimatisation walk up and over the hill to Dingboche. I figured that I wasn’t missing anything because we would be stopping at Dingboche on our way back. 

After lunch I went with a few of the girls to visit the HRA and then we relaxed in a bakery. I chatted to a lady called Patsy, I believe she was the eldest in our group – I’m not sure how old but in her late 60’s / early 70’s! She was really interesting, she is still working (and works for) the air ambulance which has taken her to many interesting places in the world. At one point she was working abroad in Europe and had to help transport patients back to the UK on Lear Jets!

Today was Walker’s last day, he was the guy doing the echos. I saw him and a few people walk past while I was in the bakery, it turned out they were all going for a game of pool so I was sad to miss out. The Sherpas presented us with cake after dinner and there was a little ceremony for Walker and he was presented with a medal. It felt like a mini-celebration, the fact that we had made it this far. I was grateful for this stop at Pheriche to enable me to have a rest, however I’m now keen to get on to the next stage. Lobuche here I come!

Published by Elizabeth M

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