#20 Ouch!

Ouch! I had some vaccinations mid-week – diphtheria, tetanus and polio in one arm and hepatitis A and typhoid in the other – and this put paid to my training activity on account of me not being able to raise my arms above shoulder level for three days <sad face>. I’ve also decided to go for Yellow Fever as my certificate is 10 years out of date. Apparently the vaccination I previously had is now deemed valid for life, but with the amount of countries I’m visiting where Yellow Fever is present I would rather have an in-date certificate and peace of mind. I need to find a travel clinic for that one, I’d better get a move on!

My plan was to do a longish walk at the weekend but the injections had knocked me for six so I went to the local Country Park and did the 10k track, this time following the route correctly (I still think my way was more exciting), and avoiding the bridal paths and slightly odd but friendly old men (see #11)! It gave me a chance to try out some more of my new kit, namely the thermal tights, ‘polar’ buff and ‘mountain’ gloves. I became WAY too hot of course, as the weather was quite mild, and after kilometre 1 I had removed my mid-layer and at around 3k I dumped the waterproof and gloves. I would have stripped down to my tights if there hadn’t been numerous dog walkers and children about. At least I can take some re-assurance that the £100’s I’ve spent on kit is going to be worthwhile.

Apart from some decisions I need to make about various airport transfers my transportation arrangements were completed with the purchase of my bullet train pass! It was quite exciting to pick it up from a Japanese travel agent office and have the man hand it to me with two hands, as is the custom. It brought back memories of being in Japan and I wanted to enthusiastically say ‘arigato!’ (thank you in Japanese) but the office was quite quiet and everyone was working very studiously. I didn’t want to embarrass myself with incorrect pronunciation and disturb their concentration so I restrained myself to a nod, a thank you in English and a smile. I did jump up and down though when I got outside, lol.

To top off the week, my cousin Maria was in contact and it is Good News; she and her brother Mark (who I stayed with in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – see #7) are going to be available on the dates I am in Singapore!! More about this in my next post.


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